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All about Employment Pass & Dependent Pass for Staff. (Info)

Types of Employment Pass in Malaysia.

The Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa or permit that allows expatriates to work in Malaysia. It is mainly offered to experienced or technically skilled workers with specialized work experience and higher wages.

The EP offers employees a contract that enables them to stay and work legally in Malaysia

A bearer of an employment pass may work in West Malaysia so long as the employer is registered with the immigration department. One can renew their Employment pass if the necessary conditions are met.

Categories of the Employment Pass.

These are the three types of EP:

  1. Category I: An expatriate with a RM 10,000 monthly basic salary and above.
  2. Category II: An expatriate with a RM 5,000 to RM 9,999 monthly basic salary.

The main differences between the Employment Pass categories.

  1. Category I
    1. Five years maximum employment contract.
    2. Dependants are allowed.
  1. Category II
    1. Two years maximum employment contract.
    2. Dependants are allowed.

Features of the Employment Pass based on category.

Category I and II

  • The EP enables the holder to work in West Malaysia through the hiring company.
  • The EP holder's spouse and children (under 18) are eligible for Dependant Pass.
  • The EP holder's children (18+ and single) are eligible for the Long-Term Social Visit Pass.
  • The EP holder's parents or parents-in-law can apply for the Long-Term Social Visit Pass.
  • The EP holder is eligible to hire a foreign maid or more.

Employment Pass renewal conditions.

Category I and II:

Depending on the requirements, the EP holder can be considered for pass renewal.

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